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A unique moment captured in one photograph: CNunezIMAGES

by Lesley Vazquez on January 26, 2015

A unique moment captured in one photograph

A man with a great talent, and experience in his field capturing the beauty of a landscape in a simple photograph, with an outstanding personality and a philosophy of life without limitations, Carlos possess a collection of thousands of landscape and wild life photographs presenting each of them as a unique art work.

In 1 word how do you consider your work as a talent?

“Unique”, I bring out the beauty that is seen through my eyes that I get to capture and shared with the world.

When was the first time that you entered in the world of photography?

Photography has always definitely been an inspiration to me. Based on many years growing up in South Texas I have seen Images of landscapes, sunsets an sunrises that have inspired me to capture something for myself that is seen but only once. Capturing that moment brings me peace and relaxation.

Do you remember the first picture you took that you loved?

I can tell you about a picture that I love that I didn’t take. That image was back when I was in my 20’s.  Living in Hawaii,  I was traveling home to Oahu from Maui on the late afternoon flight , I remember that afternoon like if it was yesterday and always think of it as inspiration. There was an amazing sunset that I was able to witness through the window where I could see all the Hawaiian Island chain,  from the Big island Hawai’i to Kauai . And all the way to Oahu I was like “why don’t I have my camera” I wanted to capture that moment so bad. I still have that beautiful image in my mind to this day . Although I can’t share it, I can tell you about it.  Since then I always travel with my camera.

In your experience what are the keys to get a great picture?

I would say that there are two times of a day when it’s the best time to capture an image,the sunrise and the sunset allowing for the “best” light and softest colors. I also feel that location and composition add greatly to a beautiful image.

Who is Carlos Nunez, what is your philosophy, main goals as a photographer and how can you tell the world it is a good idea to go with you in order to have these pictures?

Carlos Nunez is a simple humble individual who appreciates life and the beauty around that surrounds us all.  I feel that my images portrait a certain sense of serenity of peace and calm and I would hope you would consider my photography as point of peacefulness and that you would be proud of and enjoy for many years.  Because it’s a moment captured that will never happen again, I think that’s the beauty because it’s once in a lifetime opportunity and I hope to do a good job in capturing that moment and able to share it with the rest of the world.

Carlos A Nunez
ICANimagine LLC
(956) 408-0500


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