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Houston Arts Collection

by Shane CormierDecember 26, 2014

Saul Perez

Saul Perez is a Houston area photographer who specializes in capturing ordinary life on camera and transforming it into extraordinary moments on print. The eighth child born to immigrant parents in Bakersfield, CA, Saul’s life was one of limited resources. Moving to different cities throughout his childhood, he quickly learned to appreciate his surroundings and never take anything for granted. He became an expert in remembering people, places, objects and scents all with the personal stamp unique to that moment in time. With an eye for detail and an aptitude to find beauty amongst the most unadorned objects, Saul’s passion for photography was born before he even knew it.

With a vision to capture the very essence of time, Saul’s work is mainly centered on still life photography. He enjoys the challenge this poses but more importantly the rewards of capturing the vibrancy of everyday life encapsulated in a single frame.


Stephen Hunt
Physician & Artist

Although I am a physician by trade and spend most of my time practicing the art of medicine, one of the things I find the most enjoyment in is the creativity and art of fabrication. I love to work in a variety of mediums, and I get a great feeling of accomplishment when I complete a piece or project, and enjoy approaching problems from unique angles and finding my own solutions.

When approaching a piece, I sometimes choose to be intentionally more complex and other times focus on simplicity. This “directionality” is dependent upon my mood and influences at the time. I find architectural, visual, and aesthetic beauty within nature and also in everyday items that many pass by. These elements tend to be found in, and/or drive my work.
Many times everyday objects are beautiful on their own, but sometimes these objects do not take on this beauty until they have years of weathering, patina, and wear. Although I sometimes facilitate the patina and wear on some of my pieces though water, fire, or other techniques, I believe there is no substitute for the abuse that age, repeat use, and the elements can have on an object.

My works are not appealing to everyone and that’s okay, but I hope the pieces help people to see things around them from a different perspective. And for those who display my work, I hope the pieces complement the character, ambiance, and mystique of their surroundings, and inspire conversation.

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