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Marroko Live: Taking Over Mcallen’s Nightlife

by Roger DavilaJuly 24, 2015

The air remains calm outside of McAllen, Texas. The line is wrapped around the building anticipating the opening of McAllen’s Hottest new nightclub. It was once the Old Ice House building with its massive floor plans and extensive bar areas but Marco, along with his brother Alvin Romero saw something different in their eyes. They had a vision of what they wanted the club to look like. They wanted something that the Rio Grande Valley had never seen before. The hours were long and the decisions kept changing over and over. It was there but wasn’t quite what they wanted. So they changed it. Worked on it some more, and then, changed it again. They were not happy with what was happening and the frustration began to set in. ” I have a vision, and that is not it.” said Mr. Romero. The days were long and the nights even longer. They had a deadline to meet but it seemed as if they weren’t going to meet it. The pieces started to fall into place.  The dance floor was different, the bars were set up it was just about there. But yet, once piece was still missing… Something totally different. Lights!!  The club needed a light show like no-one had ever seen before. It needed lights on the dance floor, lights on the bar, a laser light show and of course, on the stage. That was the missing piece. It was ready. Opening night was drawing closer. The frustration was building more and more each day. The date was coming and it was only 75% ready. Then, it happened. It was done.

Opening night was here. The valets were ready. The staff was mentally and physically ready. They knew what was awaiting them. It was going to be a packed house, at least it better be. The owners stress level was building more and more as the hour drew closer. The lingering questions in the back of their minds were there, you couldn’t tell by looking at them, but nonetheless; they were there. The look on their faces as the aroma of smoke filled the air, the music slightly turned up and the lights began to flicker was priceless. They had finally arrived. It was different. Time to open the Hottest New Dance Club in the Rio Grande Valley.

The doors opened and the influx of  people began to pour in. The dance floor came to life. the bars were getting filled up and the lights… those lights were amazing.

The fears that Alvin and Marco had were all but a memory. The people were dancing, drinking and having the time of their lives. The DJ played his music, the bartenders poured the drinks and the crowd was dancing, drinking and taking hundreds of selfies in the Valley’s Hottest New Club.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of experiencing something different and want to feel alive again.. the name says it all… Marroko Live.


1100 Austin Street
McAllen, Texas
(956) 648-4670

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