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by Roger DavilaFebruary 11, 2015
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I sing because I believe I have a talent from God and hope to be like a shining light to this world, making as many friends as I can, and to be a role model for young girls and women everywhere.” – madelyn victoria

A young woman from a small town with a big dream, that is Madelyn Victoria.
Madelyn Victoria has always aspired to be a country western singer. Her dream is to one day be signed by a major recording label and be able to perform her music in Nashville and all around the country. Those dreams may soon become a reality for Madelyn.
Madelyn Victoria is from San Benito, Texas.She began her singing career at an early age, well if you consider birth early then that is exactly when she began. While her mother was in labor delivering Madelyn, the doctor that was delivering her was piping in Country music while in the operating room. One cannot get any younger than that. As she grew up Madelyn would be the type of girl to grab a hairbrush as a microphone a coffee table as her stage and would sing along with George Strait, Alan Jackson and of course, Selena for her family.That is when her family realized she had a gift. At the age of 5 she began performing in front of others, performing at a school function. As she grew older her voice grew stronger and at the age of 13 began singing for her church choir. She would eventually be asked to become the lead singer for her church and that is when people truly began to recognize that she was destined for something more. Her angelic voice would fill the church to the point that it would send tears trickling down peoples’ faces.
As her singing career began to flourish, she was gaining more and more notoriety in the Rio Grande Valley and surrounding areas. She has opened up for many Country recording artists such as Tracy Lawrence, Easton Corbin and the Zac Brown Band to name a few. As I sat across from this young woman I could literally feel the passion she has inside for country music. When I asked her of all of the genres out there why she chose country music, this is what she responded:

” Country music represents a lifestyle that I live, and want to live… words and music that help me with the ups and downs of this crazy life, and to rejoice and love the life our Lord gave us.”

At that particular moment was when I clearly felt that what Madelyn wants more than anything else in this whole world is to sing in front of a large crowd as they sing along with songs that she herself has written.
Madelyn is a very rare young woman, she not only sings, she composes her own music as well something very few people are gifted enough to do. She collaborates with her brother, whom is also her guitar player, and they both sit down and work on her songs until they are absolutely flawless.
As of right now, she has been playing at local bars, clubs and honkytonks trying to get as much exposure as humanly possible, paying her dues with late nights, a sore voice and the stress she puts on her mind and body,she manages somehow to keep pushing along until she knows that her dreams have been fulfilled. It is a difficult life, the one of an aspiring singer, but she is handling it rather well. She continues to keep focused on her singing career and will one day grab that prize she has worked so hard her entire life for. It is apparent that she will make it because of a strong work ethic and an even stronger support system, her family.
Her father continues to support her day in and day out.After briefly speaking to him, not only could you feel the love he has for his daughter, he clearly supports what she is doing and would do anything to make his baby’s dream come true. That, in itself, is pure motivation for her to keep doing what she loves to do.
Madelyn continues to grind and grind, never giving up on what she wants, not only for herself, but for her family as well. She defines the word determination and commitment and for those very reasons alone, she will be successful.
She has high expectations and will eventually reach all of those expectations, I am willing to bet the farm on that. So the next time you see the name Madelyn Victoria on a flyer, or a banner of a honkytonk, club or restaurant make it a point to go see her perform, because one day soon she will no longer be as accessible to us. She will be on tour or recording in Nashville.Far away from us to enjoy except only through her recordings.
Check out her video and listen to her on I-Tunes, I promise, she will not disappoint you.
Madelyn Victoria, one day soon you will be holding those stars that you have been reaching for all of your life. I truly believe that. Good luck and don’t forget about the RGV when you make it big.album cover

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    February 11, 2015 at 7:32 am

    Love her she a beautiful Angel that was sent from heaven I pray that her journey is so blessed
    Your awesome Madelyn Victoria

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