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Cowboys Lose Championship Game on a Controversial Call

by Roger DavilaJanuary 12, 2015

usp_nfl__divisional_round-dallas_cowboys_at_green_69943670-e1421065251274The stage was set. The Dallas Cowboys vs. The Green Bay Packers in what was billed as the best game of the season. The hype was there all week long. How cold would it be? Will Tony Romo choke? How is Aaron Rodgers calf? Will he be able to perform at a high level? These were the questions that had been circulating throughout the media world for the entire week. Fans on both sides were preparing for the matchup of the season. The trash talk was at an all time high, as it is in most football games. America’s Team Vs. Lombardi’s Team. This rivalry has been around for decades. In fact, the last time these two teams met in Lambeau Field was in 1967 and was called the “Ice Bowl”
The Ice Bowl was a duel of coaches, Tom Landry for the Dallas Cowboys against Vince Lombardi and the Green Bay Packers. Two Coaches that would go down in history as two of the best coaches ever to have coached the game. The field was frozen that day -15 degrees and -48 with the wind chill. The Packers beat the Cowboys that day.
Fast-forward over 40 years. The Cowboys vs. the Packers another hyped up game. The Cowboys lead for most of the game until the Packers rallied back to score setting the Dallas Cowboys in a must win situation. Dez Bryant, the Cowboys leading receiver, whom has made some unbelievable catches this year goes up to snatch the ball out of the air. He grabs the ball and goes to the ground with the ball but then the slight movement of the ball caused the controversy. The officials ruled it a legal catch, but then upon further review and a challenge by Mike McCarthy, the coach of the Packers, it was overturned.
This caused uproar in Cowboys Nation all across the United States. Fans were jumping up and down, screaming and yelling.

“It was a catch!”

“that is all you could hear people saying. The head of NFL officiating Dean Blandino has publicly said that it was not a catch. Cowboy Players and fans think otherwise.
The controversial call not only lost the game for the Dallas Cowboys but it also caused fights all over the United States. Media has been reporting that numerous fights were started because of that call. Cowboy fans and Packer fans alike have been arguing since the game ended.
I ask you this? Can one call really decide a game? I do not believe so. I watched the game myself as I always do. I have been a Dallas Cowboy fan since I was young. I watch religiously every game. Do I feel that this decided the game? NO, I do not. Numerous things decided that game, not one play. Poor performance from the defense, turnovers and bad calls on both sides of the ball caused us to lose that game. I do not feel as if one play decides whether we win or lose. It is always a combination of things. This controversial call could have made a difference, but so could have other plays throughout the game.
I have been a football fan for most of my life and sometimes consider myself a fanatic. I love to watch football, especially Dallas Cowboys football, but I will not ever get into a fist fight over any sporting event. The call was controversial, I agree, but it was not the game decider.
Not in my eyes. Referees will make calls from time to time that will cause controversies, will we like those calls, of course not. My theory is get into a position where you will not have to worry about one call to decide the game.
Play fast, play hard, play fair.
Controversy exists in everything that we do. Do we like the outcome of certain things? Of course we don’t. Do we live with controversial things on a daily bais? Yes, we do. The Dallas Cowboys had an unbelievable season this year and will forever be America’s Team. Yes, they lost that game and will have to watch the Superbowl yet again from the couch, but so will 30 other teams and their fans. 2015 will bring on more hype and controversy.. After all, it is…


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