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by Roger DavilaFebruary 17, 2015
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Ashley Vasquez, 24 from Edcouch-Elsa is a young woman with a vision. Her vision is to one day don the runway in her own line of clothing and have women everywhere wearing her line as well. One day soon,10338716_437228136435157_4134226190325289217_n (2) that vision may become a reality. Ashley is doing everything she can to make that happen.
Having come from humble beginnings herself, she was not able to afford to go shopping as a young girl as much as she would’ve liked. She grew up as most kids do wanting and wishing for certain things in life that her parents simply could not afford. Those things weren’t video games, electronics or lavished toys. What Asley wanted was to go shopping for clothes. At a young age she displayed a love for fashion, that love is still shown today. She loves the fashion world and devotes her time and complete attention to that dream.
At 24, she is still by far a young woman, but the experience she has for fashion is unprecedented. She is married to her High School Sweetheart, which shows strong commitment to what she loves and she has 2 children, whom she attributes her motivation for what she does. She is a woman with a caring heart and soul as well. Ashley donates dresses for young girls that want to attend their proms but simply cannot afford it. She holds back to school drives for Senior Girls that also cannot afford new clothes. She is a respected member of our community and believes in Paying it Forward. I asked Ashley some questions to get an insight on what she thinks and this is what she responded:

1.What lead you to do what you are doing now? What inspired you to do that?

My initial goal was to start a blog that show-cased local boutiques. I really put myself out there going store to store asking if I could take some photos and write about them. I only had 20 Instagram followers at the time so I did get a lot of “Not right now thanks” (9 stores in a row to be exact.) But no start is easy, nor will it be handed to you. In a matter of weeks,I was blogging for the most popular boutiques in the Rgv.

My inspiration came from my younger self but my bravery came from my son and daughter. I need to accomplish my dreams so it can push them to believe in theirs.

2.Who is the person you get your passion from? An idol or mentor in your industry?

I am lucky enough to say I have met an amazing mentor. Her name is Belen San Miguel former boutique owner of Kenya Rose. She gives me a lot of positive words when I desperately needed them. She invested in my fashion shows, she’s very honest about the industry. She’s a very important asset to my career in fashion.

3. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? How do you plan on getting there?

I recently started designing and I feel really good about my sketches. In 5 years I hope to create pieces that are desired by women everywhere. It is a huge high for me to make women feel beautiful.

4. If you could do one thing to change your industry what would that one thing be?

I wish I could change the fact that things are looked at as a competition, when in reality if we put our talents together we could accomplish so much more. Bigger pictures need to start being seen.

5. What influenced you in choosing the career path you chose?

Fashion has always nagged at me. I went to school for journalism and somehow I ended up in an ‘intro to fashion merchandise class. I was supposed to start a mommy blog and it somehow turned into a fashion blog. My dream as a kid was not willing to release me, and I thank God everyday for that.

Watch out for Ashley Vasquez in the future. She will have her own line of clothing someday. I believe that because of her passion for fashion she will accomplish all that she wants. Her dream will soon be a reality. Maybe one day she will do a Men’s Clothing Line as well. Don’t forget to follow her Blog on Instagram. She will give you the right advice about Fashion in the Rgv.

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