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Lupe Avendano, Business Owner and Personal Trainer Guru

Co-Contributor - Arely Jimenez
by Shane CormierDecember 23, 2014

How many years have you been a
personal trainer?
As a personal trainer I’ve been going on for fifteen years now.

When did you become a certified trainer and what type of training do you offer?
I was in my early twenties when I became certified for the National Federation of Professional Training (NFPT) . I’ve been doing all sorts of training, from working with bodybuilders, to power lifters, figure models, training all sorts of people to physical therapy.

What type of attitude do you use to motivate your clients?
I have an aggressive attitude but at the same time not too hard. I like to get the training going and take it more serious.


What results have you achieved with your clients and over what time span?
I give them six weeks and I demand results. In six weeks I’ve had clients who’ve lost up to 20 lbs. of body fat and they do get results.

Do you offer group lessons as well?
I’m more of an individual session trainer. The most I’ll train is two people.

Do you give any diet plans?
Yes, definitely the personal training that I offer does involve diet plans. They are adjusted throughout their training.

What is the most important key concept in a relationship between you and your students?
To me, it is more important knowing that I’m their personal trainer before becoming their friend. That way, I can give them the besty results I can provide them. I keep it professional with each client.

How do you set the example to your clients?
I as well train myself and I go through the same training, dieting and supplementations they do. Everything I try to teach them I do as well as a competitive body builder.

What would you consider your greatest accomplishment so far?
I have a few. I remember just dreaming of having my own gym and once I opened my own business that was a great accomplishment. Then from there, buying another building to add on to this my gym is another accomplishment I was not expecting. As a trainer, seeing my clients achieve first place or second place in competition is a huge accomplishment. Owning my own National Physique Committee is also something I’m very proud of.

What would you consider your biggest challenge as a trainer?
I would think the challenging part for me is keeping your knowledge fresh. To keep my clients motivated and not bored throughout their training. It’s a challenge but not impossible.

What are you future plans in competition and business?
My business expansion is one of my priorities. Next year I will be getting ready for another body building competition. I will also promote my competition and make it into a one day event.

What motivates you in particular?
My motivation is just to keep myself fit. I keep the thought to myself of being a body builder and bringing your body to that limit that you never thought you would.

Is there a specific quote you always tell your students?
I always tell them to “love what they hate” the most if they really want results.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?
I love my job. I never wake up and say I have to go to work. I love what I do

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