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Chama Gaucha, A Mouthwatering Experience

by December 27, 2014

Traveling throughout Houston in search for the best service and food I could get my hands on. Little did I know taylorswiftbannerhow much of a gold mine Chama Gaucha was.

A co-worker of mine one day asked if I wanted to go to Chama Gaucha for lunch, I curiously ask what kind of food they serve and he responds, “It is a Brazilian Steakhouse.” I have never been to a Brazilian Steakhouse so I eagerly agree and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Driving down Westheimer extremely hungry and ready to try this new place, I see the sign for Chama Gaucha, and from the looks I could tell this was a fancy place…and probably expensive also. We walk up to the giant door (Literally a giant door) and the valet guy opens it for us, and we are immediately greeted upon and taken to our table.

I haven’t lived in Houston long, but one thing I have learned is that restaurant service at a majority of places I have been to is rather disappointing. I have a pet peeve about service and I expect quality service by any restaurant. The one thing that really stuck out immediately upon arrival was the excellent service that Chama Gaucha gave. Just by seeing how all the servers act you can tell you are going to get great service throughout your meal (And great service is what I got). I never had to even touch my chair to get into it, all the chairs where pulled out for you to sit and they politely pushed you in also. Even when I later got up to go to the restroom, I was walking back and the manager at the time went out of his way to walk to my table and get my chair for me as I sat down…I was very impressed, and surprised.

Being new here, the server explained how the process worked, a simple flip of a card would tell the server if you were ready for the steak or if you were not. I didn’t know that once you were ready you would be given an oasis of steak. (And this isn’t a bad thing.)

We first took advantage of the salad bar that offered a variety of choices, from pasta salad, house salad and all the toppings you could think of. I tried not to indulge too much as I was looking forward to the steak, but I couldn’t help myself and ate quite a bit, and didn’t seem to feel full.
After I was done with the salad bar, I flipped my card over to the ‘ready for steak’ side and the fun began. I was almost immediately greeted with a server holding a skewer of a beautiful piece of sirloin steak. (And trust me, it tasted as good as it looked.) The server asked me, “How do you like it?” in which I reply, “Well done please.” and to my amazement he just turned the skewer around and one side was meant for well done and the other side medium-rare, and I can only assume another part was probably for rare. He began to slice into one of the juiciest steaks I have ever seen. I grabbed my tongs, grabbed the piece, and he finished cutting. I took my first bite…and I was in steak heaven. Truly the best steak I have ever had the pleasure of tasting. That piece did not last long, but that didn’t matter, and by the time I was already finishing my sirloin steak another server came with a skewer of rib-eye steak. Rib-eye is my favorite type of steak and as I was impressed with the taste of the rib-eye from Chama Gaucha, the sirloin steak was by far my favorite.

After sirloin and rib-eye, I was greeted with eating their chicken, Costela (Their beef rib, which I would say is like roast beef.), and their seasoned lamb. A never ending cycle of meat after meat, and not a single item on that menu was a disappointment. After trying each item I just wanted more and it just kept coming.

If you want to know which restaurant you get the most for your money, Chama Gaucha is definitely at the top of the list. For dinner you are looking at $46.50 per person, although I went at lunch and paid around $30 per person. Relatively cheap in my opinion, especially for the quality of the food and the excellent service you are going to receive throughout your meal. Now once you add any additions such as dessert (I had the flan and would easily recommend to anyone…and I’m not a big fan of flan either.), and any drink item you may treat yourself to, it is still affordable.

The side items are just as deserving of bragging rights than the entrées. Delicious mashed potatoes, bread, and a side of Chiles Toreados combined with the juicy steaks give your taste palette a wonderful experience. (Beware as this is quite the spicy combination.)

After all the food, I had to give in and flip my card back over so they would stop bringing the meat. Our server asked if we wanted a specialty ‘digestive’ drink, and to my curiosity I said yes. He brings the drink which was a sweet liquor to which regrettably I do not remember the name, poured it into a glass, lit it on fire, and slowly spun the liquor around the glass in a rather entertaining and artful fashion. He placed the glass in front of me, I pick it up after awhile, as it was hot, gave a gently sniff (in a gentlemen like fashion of course.) and it burned my nose with great pleasure. It smelled excellent and had a strong zing to it. In my mind I thought it was going to taste extremely strong, but to my surprise, it was very sweet and smooth to the taste. It was a good finisher to the amazing lunch we had just partook in.
I am not a big fan of flan as a dessert, but we wanted to try it. I wasn’t surprised that this was amazing as well. Overall I did not find an item I did not like, which is hard for any restaurant to accomplish. If only I could have a bigger stomach and try every item on the menu, but I will have to wait and visit again.

I have finally found a place that has excellent service, incredible food, a wonderful decor, and a great atmosphere…all combined in a single sitting. Going back to Chama Gaucha is guaranteed for me, I had a wonderful first experience and they definitely impressed me on my visit. I give Chama Gaucha a solid 5 out of 5 rating and would recommend them to every single one of you (Unless you are vegetarian, but hey, they have a great salad bar!). I left Chama Gaucha extremely full, very satisfied, and with a smile on my face. My new favorite restaurant in the beautiful city of Houston, Texas. Now I only need to go out and try the other Brazilian steakhouses to compare, but they have a pretty high bar to live up to.


High-End or Casual Dining


5865 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77057
Phone: 713-244-9500


Lunch: Monday-Friday 11:30am-2:30pm

Monday-Thursday 5pm-10pm
Friday 5pm-10:30pm
Saturday 4:30pm-10:30 pm
Sunday Lunch: 12pm-2:30pm
Sunday Dinner: 2:30pm-9pm


Salad bar, Valet


$30 + per person

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Excellent service and delicious food.


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The destination for a Brazilian feast when visiting Houston.

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