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Should Texas Legalize Marijuana?

by Roger DavilaMay 7, 2015

Should Texas Legalize Marijuana?  That has been the question that has been surfacing more and more. There have been some states that have legalized marijuana for personal consumption and the numbers of revenue have been staggering. Colorado has collected more than 25.2 million dollars in Pot Sales Tax and is estimated to reach 60-70 million by the fiscal year ,(june 2015), according to the Denver Business Journal.

So with that said, should Texas legalize Marijuana?  We could certainly solve numerous amounts of financial problems that we have here in the State of Texas. Is that the answer though? Legalizing an illegal drug in order to better our economy. Yes, there are numerous people that say,” Marijuana is not bad, it is natural…blah blah blah.” The point is … it is a mind altering drug. Yes, so is alcohol. I hear the argument all of the time that Marijuana hasn’t killed anyone. Alcohol has.. But has it?  Studies have shown that the mind altering effects of marijuana are as high as if not higher than alcohol. It is the abuse of alcohol that leads to arrests and yes, sometimes even death. We as a society have become more lenient when it comes to the acceptance of marijuana but is that right?  In recent months, I have seen numerous Youtube videos of people being asked basic questions and most could not answer those questions, basic common knowledge questions. I am not saying that marijuana is the reason our society has become dependent on drugs in order to “Cope” with life’s problems. Most use drugs to escape life or society, the fact of the matter is , Life is not going anywhere. Your problems will still be there when you sober up. Most don’t like to sober up because the problems are there.

Are there people that do drugs that go on to become productive members of society? Yes, there are. There is always an exception to the rule. I have noticed that the younger generation is using marijuana at an alarming rate. Teen pregnancy is up, family violence is on the rise as well as crime in general. Is marijuana the cause of all this?  We do not know. Could it be a factor?  Of course it can.

Jimmy Kimmel recently interviewed people on the street and asked him basic questions and most could not answer simple questions about our government. What do you think?weed-facebook5-630x605

I want to know what you think about this subject. Should Texas legalize Marijuana?  Tell me why.

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