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Should 18 be the New Legal Drinking Age?

by Gina on February 20, 2015

Lets see…If we can join the military, buy cigarettes, vote, get married, and are “adults” all at 18 why can we not drink legally at 18?  If the drinking age was 18, those 18 year olds that are drinking illegally in unsafe enviroments right now could now drink in restaurants or bars where they could be supervised. Lowering the drinking age to 18 would also lower the number underage people who are hurt by alcohol related injuries because they are scared to seek medical attention fearing the consequences they feel they may receive.

Some people feel that the drinking age should stay 21 because underage drinking could interfere with the development of a young adults brain and lead young adults to harm others or themselves. They also believe that if the drinking age were to be lowered 18-20 year olds would be purchasing alcohol for beginners in high school the way the 21 year olds do for 18-20 year olds right now.

All 50 states have the same minimum drinking age of 21. Even though Texas does have exceptions for consumption under your parents supervision truth is that if 18-20 year olds want to drink illegally they are going to find a way to do so, so what are your opinions on this? Should Texas consider lowering the drinking age to 18, or are 18 year olds not ready for the responsibilities that come with drinking alcohol?

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