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Communities in Schools Helping Teenagers Achieve Success

by Roger Davila on May 27, 2015
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Communities in schools. What exactly is that? What does it do? Who does it help exactly? These are the questions one may ask when speaking about Communities in Schools of Cameron County. We, at Celebrity Events Magazine, were wondering the exact same thing. So we dove into the organization and began to ask questions. We at Celebrity Magazine were curious, after all, we have helped in many of their events and even have helped sponsor some of those events but never really knew what they actually did. It turns out that this organization is one that should be more and more recognized. After all, the drop out rate in the RGV is at an alarming rate. This organization was founded almost 60 years ago and it’s main focus is to help students to stay and help students to stay in school, graduate and even go on to bigger and better things. Communities in Schools has become the nation’s leading dropout prevention organization that places an actual person in schools to evaluate the needs and necessary resources that a student needs in order to be successful in school. Since opening up in Cameron County in 955 Communities in Schools has been helping students achieve success in school and extra-curricular activities providing services such as Counseling and supportive guidance, Health and Human Services, Parental Involvement, Pre-employment counseling as well as employment assistance, and help regarding their educational careers.

The Statistics are incredible for Cameron County.. In 2013-2014 CISCC achieved the following State standards:

-3,555 CISCC Students were served
-98% of CISCC Students stayed in school
-92% of CISCC high school seniors graduated
-90% of CISCC students improved in academics
-89% of CISCC students were promoted to the next grade
-87% of CISCC students improved in behavior , and
-84% of CISCC students improved attendance

One of the employees of the Cameron County office received help when she was in high school that allowed her to graduate from high school and obtain a degree and now she is the Finance Coordinator for the Communities in Schools Cameron County office. I had the privilege of sitting down with her last week and spoke about the impact that this program has here in Cameron County. Her name is Jennifer Bossoudaho and she really has a deep rooted passion for this program. When I was speaking to her she genuinely cares about what she does. Having been part of the program herself when she was in high school she attributes alot of her success to this program, and that is why she herself believes in what this program has to offer. She encourages students each and everyday to stay and school and better themselves. Cameron County and all of the areas surrounding it have an educational level that is way below the National Average but with programs such as these we hope to increase those numbers dramatically in the coming years.

If you would like to know more about the organization and what it does go onto their website and read about it for yourself. If you need help with a struggling teenager get a hold of this organization and see what they can do for you. The programs are there for a reason and should be used. After all, that is what they are for. See how you can help, they could always use a helping hand.

We are a community and should act as one.
(956) 554-7954

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