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by GinaFebruary 18, 2015

43,335 – That is the number of teenage girls that got pregnant in Texas in 2011, and the number has only risen since then. Because of that the question rises, should birth control be available without a prescription? Should teenage girls be able to walk into a CVS or Walgreens and just pick it up off the shelf every month, or should they have to see a doctor and have it prescribed?

There are many different opinions on this question. Some feel that teenagers are going to be sexually active anyway, so they might as well be protected by over the counter birth control. After all, there is already “Plan B” on the shelves. While on the other hand, others feel that teenage girls should not be able to go in and buy birth control because that is just opening a door for them to go ahead and start being sexually active if they are not already.

Teen pregnancy is a very serious issue that could be 100% prevented. If teenage girls were to know about their options of contraception maybe the numbers would go down, maybe Texas would not be the 5th state in the United States with the highest teen pregnancies. Do I feel that birth control should be sold over the counter? Yes, I do. Teenage girls need to know that there are options out there for them if they are nervous to talk to their parents about what they do behind closed doors. Its better to be safe than sorry.

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