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IMMIGRATION REFORM, And What It Means For The Future of America

by Roger DavilaDecember 25, 2014

America…The land of the Free? Home of the Brave? What should we answer to those questions? Are we really the land of opportunity? People have often referred to The United States of America as the “Big Brother” of the world, but are we really? Lately the hottest topic that is surrounding our country is the influx of immigrants that are coming by the hoards into our country.

Children are being sent from Under-Development countries in order for them to have a decent life, a chance of creating a better life for themselves as well as for their families. We have often viewed our country as a country in which if we work hard enough we can make all of our dreams come true. So why do so many of us that actually were born here take all of those privileges for granted? Why are the numbers of people that are on some type of government assistance rising? Could we blame that on the rise in immigration numbers, or just pure laziness on our part?

We, as a country, or moreover; as a society have become dependent on technology, machinery and just pure comfort. We hate what we do not understand. We blame our misfortunes on someone or something else. That something else right now, that punching bag that we are beating are the immigrants that are coming over from poverty ridden countries attempting to make a better life for themselves. All we hear on the news, radio, and in the streets are that they are here “taking our jobs!!!” Do we really believe that the people that are coming over are really here to do that? The laziness in us truly does believe that. The people that are on government assistance or unemployment do blame it on them. As for myself, I believe that they want the same opportunities that they cannot get in their own country. Opportunities that WE take for granted each and everyday. Immigration is the hottest topic in America right now.

All that is spoken is that Immigration is bad, they are criminals, drug dealers, murderers and thieves. But statistically we already have that in our country without having them come over. “Close down the border!!,” “Do not let them in!!,” Do people realize how much commerce is done by people coming over from Mexico to shop here in the United States? As of yet , we have not been able to find a suitable solution for the number of people that cross our borders on a daily basis. Some cross legally and some not so.

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Today it was announced that we are to be getting National Guard troops to monitor our borders. What are we becoming as a country? Immigrants have been coming to this country since it was founded. What could be the possible solution in all of this. America, Land of the Free? Where dreams are made? What is the solution? Does anyone know? Do we factor in what we have been taught as children…love thy Neighbor, or just the bottom line? If our fore-fathers were not allowed into this country in the first place most of us probably would not be here. A better life, that is all they want. An opportunity. A chance.

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