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Making Dreams Come True

by Roger DavilaJanuary 6, 2015

Dreams do come true and people really make dreams come true for other people. Raciel Cano, Marketing Director for State Farm Arena is one of those people. When we approached Mr. Cano about making a disabled girls dream come true at State Farm Arena he did not hesitate.

Rexella Cruz is a 23 yr. old Brownsville native that is confined to a wheelchair. She is stricken with Cerebral palsy, a disease that impairs an individual to a wheelchair in some cases. Rexella has always been a fan of wrestling, watching it for hours at a time. She views it as some sort of soap opera, but a couple of years ago wrestling meant even more to her. Rexella had found someone special to her that had the same passion for the sport. His name was Guillermo, a young man with special needs as well. Guillermo, just like Rexella was a huge fan of wrestling as well. John Cena in particular. Rexella and Guillermo would spend hours at a time watching wrestling together. He would bring DVDs to her house and they both grew to have a lot of love for both wrestling and eventually each other. One day Rexella however received some tragic news that would change her life forever. Guillermo had passed away in the wee hours of the morning due to complications suffered from a recent surgery. That totally broke her heart. He had become her soul mate and her best friend. He was gone. Sadness and depression struck Rexella and life was almost unbearable without Guillermo, but she focused more on her love of wrestling as a reminder of him. Her dream was to one day attend a live wrestling match. She religiously watched and hoped that one day her dream would come true. Raciel Cano, State Farm and Celebrity Group made that dream come true last night. Rexella along with 4 of her family members were invited by Mr. Cano to attend the WWE Wrestling event at the State Farm Arena as his personal guests.

People really do make dreams come true for other people.

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