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Racism. Does it still exist?

by Roger DavilaDecember 18, 2014

Racism, does it still exist? Why are we, as a society, constantly battling over the color of our skins or what religion we practice or a specific culture? It is due to the fact that racism still does exist. How many times in recent months have we seen protests or riots concerning racism? It is still a factor in some southern states. We hear the terms “Billy Bob” and immediately associate that with a term, redneck. Or how many times do we see a fried chicken commercial with an African –American eating Popeye’s bucket of chicken? Or a Chihuahua representing Taco Bell. That shows that we are still stereotyping people even in advertising and if you look really close it is a form of racism.

People today still view racism as non-existent. I beg to differ. A white police officer shoots a young African-American person and the world erupts with rioting, looting and violence. When have any of those three things been a solution to anything? Yet, blacks kill blacks each and every single day and no one goes crazy over that. Hispanics murder each other in gang related violence all of the time and nothing is heard about that. A Caucasian shoots and kills a black or Hispanic and the world goes crazy. Why is that? Is it racism, or just a question of doing the wrong thing at the wrong time? Don’t get me wrong there have been incidents where I do not agree with the outcome of certain events such as the decision not to indict the police officer that choked to death a man in New York City for selling loose cigarettes. It was apparent that the gentleman was not able to breathe and stated it several times during a recent video that surfaced. Racism? Or just someone decided to look the other way? I, myself, do not agree with that situation.

The events that transpired in Ferguson, Mo. is another matter, looting, rioting, and violence, come on people. When has that been the answer to any problem? Reports have surfaced in regards to that situation that really makes you question the fact that the young man was innocent. We can go as far back as Rodney King in race related instances where a minority is quickly being judged for crimes that in reality they did not commit.

How many times have we seen someone turn their backs on someone because of their color of their skin? Young Hispanic and African –American teenagers are being labeled as troublemakers? Countless cases around the United States where the color of your skin will be the deciding factor whether someone gets a job or gets admitted into a University. We hear of these horror stories each and every day. What about the Travon Martin case out of Florida where a security guard shoots and kills a teenage boy because of the neighborhood he was walking in. Was he racist or just scared?

Racism, can be a very big contributing factor in most of those cases, but for the most part it’s about individual decision making at the time of that particular incident. Maybe it is about doing what you are supposed to be doing and not robbing, stealing or trying to violently attacking someone. If you do no wrong there will be no reason for public officials to harass you, but yet again, a tattooed young Hispanic male in an area predominately inhabited by Caucasians will raise some attention. Why is that? Stereotyping or racism? You decide.

As mentioned before, there are hundreds and hundreds of cases and circumstances where someone is mistreated, abused or just plain hurt over some sort of racism. I truly believe that each and every one of us has some sort of racist feeling towards a group of people or culture. How we behave and react to those feelings is what separates us. That is the difference in society .

     Racism, is it still alive in America today? I believe so.

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