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Stop the violence!

by Lesley VazquezJanuary 9, 2015
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Melissa Hernandez

Primary Prevention Educator @Friendship of Women, INC.
A center for the prevention of Family Violence & Sexual Assault

 “In the year 2013 we had a higher amount of women in the state of Texas that where killed by their partner, last year 2014 they lower down to 114 women killed just in the state of Texas alone”.

The mission of Friendship of Women, Inc. is to provide leadership and support on family violence and sexual assault issues and a safe place for victims and their families.


Machismo, is it a justification for violence against a women?

It’s one of the factors we deal with, the male privilege and how we say it in our culture “Machismo” it’s a form of abuse. With the statement I’m the male and I am the one that will tell you what to do, it’s not equal, they decide what women should do like stay at home and take care of their kids and that’s a type of violence. Control is a form of violence. We see it even with children when they say “you can’t play because you’re a girl” because that’s where stereotypes come out that limits a female since young age, but we have the same power as a male its equal.


Non- physical violence it’s abuse

If it is verbal, Physical, emotional or threats it is abuse and we see it a lot. Women think that wen men tells bad words it’s because he cares and helps her but it is just simple abuse and it is not right.

Women accept to live with violence because…

It’s the control because it starts with intimidation: “if you leave me then I’m going to do this to you”, “if you’re going to divorce me I’m going to take the kids to Mexico (especially in the border) and you are not going to see them” here the victims that we attend are mostly illegal immigrants and they can’t work and that leads them to stay there and they don’t have nobody to support them.

Common cases

Usually we get victims with children they feel that having a child with the aggressor will lead them to change, but that is not how it works it’s a bigger process if they really want to change.

Number 1 reason that women attract violence

We tend to follow patterns, if a person has lived violence before they are going to seek for violence as well in their partners.


It takes a lot of support but we explain that we can do things to help them with our services, always give them a few tips to preserve their lives that are the most important thing and we explain that it takes a lot of work but in exchange they will get independence and peace.

We have programs one for the victims and one for the aggressors so they can get help separately of course.

Service the program offers

24 Help Line
Crisis Intervention
Emergency transportation
Women’s support group
Child advocacy services
Food services

A message for the victims:

“If you suffer any form of violence seek help, because the aggressor is not going to change and you are not alone, go ahead and change your life”.



Friendship of Women
95 E Price Rd, Bldg C
(956) 544 7412


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