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The Politicians of Brownsville, Part 1: William A. Garza

by Roger DavilaJanuary 29, 2015

Politicians that have either let their constituents down or just have not lived up to their promises have brutalized Cameron County in the past.
We will be interviewing local politicians that are currently in the running for various positions in our County and let you rank for yourself.
We will begin our series on the Mayoral Race. We have several candidates in the running for the position of the Mayor of Brownsville, one such candidate is William A. Garza.
I asked Mr. Garza to come down to your offices where I was able to sit down with him and ask him certain questions that I felt that our Brownsville residents would like to know. I can say that Mr. Garza not once shied away from any one of my questions and answered them straight forward and without a hesitation. That is one thing I look for when interviewing politicians, how quickly they answer.
My interview with Mr. Garza lasted a little over an hour but let me tell you, he could talk, a true politician. I could only laugh when Mr. Garza mentioned he could really speak forever. I believe he is an outspoken individual that has a real passion for our city and its growth, economically and socially. I spoke to him at length about what he views is the number one problem that our city faces, his answer didn’t surprise me one bit. I have heard that answer in countless interviews and speeches I have heard in the past. They all have had the same reply, ”Creating Jobs.” Why was I not surprised, everyone wants to be the one to create jobs, and why not, it is obvious that we need them desperately. Upon speaking with Mr. Garza he not only spoke about creating employment he spoke highly of the changes that he wants to implement throughout the city. I will not go into a lot of detail on his platform for running but I can assure you that what he has planned sounds really good for our economic growth. We spoke about Space X as well and what it would mean to our city. He mentioned that we couldn’t rely solely on a single company to ensure that we will grow to our fullest potential. Space X is a mere steppingstone to other ventures we can obtain in the future. We can use Space X as a foundation for what we truly want for Brownsville and its residents. We have to set our sights higher and higher as a community. The major problem of Brownsville seems to not want to advance. People seem comfortable with what we have. That is my personal observation, but Mr. Garza seems as if he has eyes set on a bigger prize. He wants a large venue in order to attract more tourists and concerts for our city. He plans on boosting the hotel and restaurant industry. His intentions are great but our residents need to go out and vote. That is one of the problems of this city. We moan and complain about what is wrong with our city but do very little about it. We should use our voice to make changes. Our voice would be a politically sound city government that will stand behind its values and commitments. I believe that after speaking to Mr. Garza he truly wants our city to grown and prosper. It has come to my attention that upon his Declaration Party that was held recently, the place was packed and he had a lot of supporters that attended.
Mr. Garza has some serious ties to our community being involved with various organizations as well as being active in our cities growth.

“He is a devout family man and truly exhibits a deep passion for our city”

. One thing we really need despite all of the corruption we are already known for.

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