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What Does Christmas Mean To You?

by Roger DavilaJanuary 8, 2014

Christmas comes once a year, but children, as well as adults begin counting the days until they can run to the presents that have been sitting under the tree since Thanksgiving. I also have often heard of people not giving gifts to one another but choosing a worthy family to surprise on Christmas morning. So what does Christmas mean to you?

People celebrate Christmas in their own fashion but most of us do the traditional lighting of the tree, wrapping of the gifts, and the smell of mom preparing the turkey while most of the men are huddled around the television set watching the countless football games that are being broadcasted all over the airwaves. Well, at least that is how my family and I celebrate Christmas. There are many that believe in the exchanging of the presents and many others that believe that Christmas is a time of sharing and caring for others. I grew up with the mentality that Christmas is the Celebration of the birth of Christ. Although nowadays people believe differently, I still hold those values dear to my heart. If you ask children they will say it’s a time to receive gifts.

Have we changed so much in values that we see Christmas as just a chance for us to add to our already electronically filled worlds of “junk” that we purchase? That is what we now know Christmas to be. Maybe, we as a society have become so dependent on what we want instead of focusing on what we truly need and is important such as Love, Peace and Happiness.

There are many people that feel that Christmas should be about sharing, caring, and loving people you know and even those that you don’t know. Whereas; retailers have made Christmas their opportunity to expand their already hefty bottom lines. So much in fact, that Black Friday, now has become pretty much a National Holiday as well. Employers give their employees off the day after Thanksgiving in order for them to hit the stores for the most popular toy or that new electronic device that is about to be released. Retail is the reason for the season now. It is rare to find the True meaning of Christmas in our world today.

Let us not forget that Christmas is indeed a time for families to come together; to find Hope in something that was lost or to simply share in the gift of giving to others. After all, Christ did say…

“Love one another as I have loved you.” Isn’t He the True Meaning of Christmas?

I am not pushing Christianity at all whatsoever but if we look back and think about what the True Meaning of Christmas is…Love, Hope, and Peace. Think about it. Those ideals are what I grew up with.

So, what does Christmas really mean to you?

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