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SPACE X, Brownsville’s New Frontier

by Roger DavilaDecember 26, 2014

taylorswiftbannerAs children some of us grew up with Star Trek others with Star Wars but did any of us truly believe that one day space travel would be possible? Of course we did, that is why we continued to watch. Those dreams will soon become a reality.

 A company called Space X has just acquired the contract to build a facility in Brownsville, Texas. Yes, that’s right. Brownsville will soon be a city that houses one of 4 facilities designed to launch rockets into space. How exciting is that? Although there are mixed feelings about us becoming one of those cities I believe that it would be great for the economy of Brownsville to have Space X come to our city. Why do I believe that? Well for starters, we will finally be on the map for something other than drug cartels and violence. We will be a part of something spectacular.

 Space X is a company that designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecrafts. The company was founded by Elon Musk, also the founder of Paypal, in 2002. Space X’s main goal is to revolutionize space technology with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets. As we see technology advance more and more each and everyday, people are beginning to believe that actual space travel is something that will happen sooner than later.

 We as a society have come to the realization that with the growing population our vast resources will soon be used at an alarming rate. So one of the alternatives we will have in the future will be to have people living on other planets. That is one solution. Space X is a company that will eventually make that happen with the research and technology that they do.

This company spends billions of dollars each and every year in research and development of the types of rockets that will eventually carry not only objects but people into space. Although, Space X is opening a facility here in Brownsville, of course there is still the opposition of people that do not believe that Space X

is a good idea for our city. I asked ten people if they were in favor of Space X in Brownsville. Out of the ten people, eight said it was a great idea and a wonderful boost to our struggling economy. Two said it would be terrible for the environment. I believe, and this is my own personal observation, that Space X not only will boost our economy but at the same time make sure that whatever facilities they open here will be environmentally safe. I feel that they will take whatever precautions they have to in order to insure that our city not only thrives financially but environmentally as well.

The influx of jobs that this will create is enormous for our city. Jobs, housing, shopping and recreational activities will grow out of control due to the people that will come here to work. There are companies that are already getting ready for the Space Giant to come in. Walmart has increased their building of stores, apartment complexes are being built at an alarming rate, restaurants being built and shopping centers popping up on every street corner. Is Brownsville ready? If not, we better start getting ready, because they are coming soon.

“This company spends billions of dollars each and every year in research and development of the types of rockets that will eventually carry not only objects but people into space.”

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Education in this area will also get a boost, our citizens will want to further their education in order to get a great career with a great company. So do I feel that Space X will help the people of Brownsville, of course they will. There is evidence of it already at every location they have built facilities.

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